The Esdilagh Development Corporation was established in 2010. The purpose of the corporation is to develop land assets, generate revenues, create businesses and foster employment and training opportunities for EFN Members through joint ventures, partnerships, and community or member established businesses.

?Esdilagh advances economic opportunities that respect the values of the community and build member capacity through training and employment opportunities through an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable manner.

Board of Directors

The Board's mandate is to make decisions with respect to overall corporation business, strategic plan, policies, finances and community dividends in an accountable and transparent manner.

The Board is comprised of the following Directors appointed by ?Esdilagh Chief & Council:

Chad Stump

Chad Stump

"Our people deserve a new chance at a better life, and our people also deserve the chance to create if for each other. Due to the restrictions on government provided dollars we have had to tell our community members that we can't help because they do not live on reserve, or they don't qualify, or some unjustified reason of why our band can't help our own members. This has to stop - Economic Development is the answer, showing our people we can sustain ourselves in this new generation of technology."

As a Band Manager, Chad feels that Economic Development is the most important journey for the community. His ultimate long term goal is see community members fight their own way out of their financial stresses through Economic Development. Through helping the people to learn the tools it takes to be taken serious in the business world while at the same time creating a new path for the younger generation to follow and proudly stand behind when the time comes.

By following the economic development path Chad feel strongly it will shape the community to become more self sufficient in business, culture and social aspects. The aspiration for ?Esdilagh is to have a stable revenue flow and that in turn will open up many doors for the community members. The ability to bring the people together with events such as community gatherings, healings, friendship circles, field trips will help the families of ?Esdilagh grow as a team and a community, improving the way of life directly in the community for everyone.

In some communities, including ?Esdilagh, they are restrained to the restrictions of government dollars that are given to the communities, along with a document stating how this money must be spent.

Scott Scholefield

Crystal Verhaeghe

Crystal is a member of the ?Esdilagh community. She attained an Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA) after completing a degree in Small Business & Entrepreneurship. She has her Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer Level Certification (PAED) from the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO).

Since 2004 Crystal has been operating Emoda Design, a management consulting and web development company. In the past she has worked as the Economic Development Coordinator, Executive Director and Lead Negotiator for the Tsilhqot'in National Government. Crystal currently is consulting for first nation communities and she also serves as a Board of Director on the Williams Lake and District Credit Union as well as the Tsi Deldel Economic Development Corporation.