The EFN Chief and Council, as the governing body of the EFN, is responsible for the development, ratification, updating and oversight of EFN internal policies. Chief and Council are committed to transparent, unbiased decision-making that serves the membership as a whole.

The EFN has occupied and benefited from the EFN traditional territory since time immemorial. The EFN has never ceded, surrendered or in any way relinquished aboriginal title and shall continue to assert its interests and exercise its aboriginal rights over its traditional territory. The EFN is committed to protecting the aboriginal rights of the EFN and its Members.

Nits'ilin Chief Victor Roy Stump

Nits'ilin (Chief) Victor Roy Stump

"My vision is to constantly move forward in this fast gaining millennium. The world is ever changing, technology is advancing and we need to keep up with the times and put emphasis into training our youth to persevere. I am a homegrown boy and over the years I've seen what my community needs and I have accomplished a lot in my short time as Chief - I have many great ideas to implement."

Representing ?Esdilagh First Nation, Nits'ilin Stump, was originally born on reserve in 1955. As a Tsilhqot'in (Chilcotin) descendant his mother was from the Tl'etinqox community, his father was from the Yunesi'tin community and all of his siblings are were born and raised in ?Esdilagh.

While on the rise, Roy has achieved many accomplishments such as becoming a musician in the 1980's and leading up to 2017 (40 years) and starting the very well-known classical-country/rock band named 'Kordaroy Band.' In his time of growing up in ?Esdilagh he also held the positions of working as the former Farm Manager, Supervisor, General Laborer as well as driving the trucks for Horse Logging.

He was elected Chief of ?Esdilagh in mid-December 2016 and has since brought together a very resilient team to work and build the the community of ?Esdilagh while also working alongside the 5 other Chiefs of the surrounding communities (Tl'esqox, Tl'etinqox, Tsi Deldel, Xeni Gwet'in,Yunesit'in) Roy knows and believes it is important to maintain a strong sturdy relationship with his community and other surrounding areas.

Nits'ilin Yaz Norma Jean Stump

Phone: (250) 267-8585

Nits'ilin Yaz (Councilor) Norma Jean Stump

"I will continue to work hard and stay actively involved in my community and do my best to communicate and listen to everyone."

Norma is the daughter of late Norman Elkins and Mary Stump. Her grandmother is Late Josephine Stump, as well as Late Lukie Stump, Late Celestine Harry, Late Matilda and Joe Elkins. She is currently a council member for Esdilagh since August of 2014 and has over 20 years of experience in working in the justice system.

In 1994 she received her human services certificate in Corrections and worked at Kamloops Regional Correctional centre for 8 1/2 years. In 2003 she decided it was time to move home and continued working with First Nation's dealing with the Justice system. Assisting with obtaining a lawyer, release plans, bail etc. She also received training and was a gladue report writer as a contractor for several years.

Currently Norma is a Family Support Worker and helps families dealing with MCFD, Family matters and Family court. Norma also is a board representative for Nenqayni Wellness Centre and Denisiqi Child and Family Services. Although she does not work in the Justice system she still receives many requests from communities for assistance and continues to assist where she can.

Some of the current changes that Norma strongly believes in within our community is Health and Wellness, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental health. Norma has promoted local and other health practitioners for health and wellness days in the community which has become
a large interest in local communities. Norma also believes in improving communication as well as having policies, procedures that will protect the band as well as sustain stability for everyone. Norma has encouraged more community meetings, elders and youth participation as well which has been improved.

Norma currently resides in Esdilagh with her mother who she helps due to medical reasons. Norma has 9 and half years of sobriety and feels strongly in improving health in
our communities as well as addressing the effects of Residential school. Norma is very thankful to her mother and grandparents who taught her a lot about our believes and traditional values.

Nits'ilin Yaz Howard Johnny

Nits'ilin Yaz Howard Johnny

Councilor since 2003

Councilor Johnny has been a councilor at the ?Esdilagh First Nation since 2003. Throughout his term as councilor he has been the Forestry/silviculture Manager and from 2000-2003 owned 'Howard & Sons Contracting'. Howard has a Forest Technician Diploma.

Howard has had much experience logging as he worked his way through skidding,loading and decking,falling to bucking. He also has performed silviculture block layouts and fuel reduction.

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Nits'ilin Yaz William Baptiste

Thank you so much for the opportunity and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Councilor Baptiste has been a councillor for the ?Esdilagh First Nation for a great number of years now. He is happy to see all the good things that are happening for the community. Along with new Chief Roy Stump William was re-elected again in 2016 to a 4 year term and is glad to continue working for the community and helping in whatever projects he can.

It warms Williams' heart to see the youth getting involved in all of ?Esdilaghs' projects. Youth are the future and one day Councilor Baptiste would like to sit and watch the youth of this community take ?Esdilagh farther then he has been able to. He feels very lucky to be a part of this change that is happening. ?Esdilagh has been a great work in progress project for his term - he has seen the Chief help to give the community a great vision and great goals to strive for to updating the new staff and continuing to push forward for our communities well being.

The new economic development approach that the Band Manager Chad Stump and Chief Roy Stump brought forward seems to be helping the members and even William to get through some trying times. For far too long ?Esdilagh has been in an idle feeling but so far in the new term he feels it has been great to work with my fellow band members and staff members.

Councilor Baptiste looks forward to what this next 4 year term will bring, and he will challenge himself on a daily basis to do the absolute best for his community and help whenever and wherever needed.