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The Social Development Department processes income assistance for ?Esdialgh members living on reserve. This department is responsible for reporting and processing applications to Indian Affairs Canada.

The Education Department handles all education related matters from elementary school to high school through to post-secondary. This department reviews post-secondary applications and processes them for potential education funding.

Natalize McKenzie
Ph: (250) 991-6000 Ext. 203


Monday: 9am - 4pm (Quesnel Band Office)
Tuesday: 9am - 4pm (Health Centre)
Wednesday: 9am - 4pm (Quesnel Band Office)
Thursday: 9am - 4pm (Quesnel Band Office)

Natalie McKenzie, Social Development Worker & Education Coordinator

"I look forward to visiting with you, please call me to arrange an appointment on Mondays & Wednesday & Thursdays in the Quesnel Office and Tuesdays I am located out on the Reserve in the Health Centre."

My name is Natalie McKenzie. I have been employed in ?Esdilagh First Nation since February 2017. I come from a small isolated community called Nazko First Nation.

I hold two positions with the ?Esdilagh First Nation - the Social Development Worker and Education Coordinator. As the Social Development Worker I am responsible for administering the Social Development Program. I have been trained by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada in November of 2016 and I received a certificate for Band Social Development Worker Training. I also ensure the reporting is completed to meet AANDC's requirements.

The second job title I hold is as the Education Coordinator. I administer the Education Program and help band members with their post-secondary goals through processing their applications for funding. With this program I am also responsible to comply with AANDC's reporting requirements.